Orange City to Get Fiber Optic Cable Connectivity

January 06, 2023 10:11am

Fiber Optics A

Premier Communications has announced plans to install fiber-optic cable throughout the entire town of Orange City.  This investment is part of Premier’s ongoing commitment to provide the community with state-of-the-art communications technology.  Chief Marketing and Sales Officer, Scott Te Stroete says everyone in the city can get fiber, even if they’re not a Premier customer.


The $7.5 Million project is funded by Premier, and Te Stroete assures customers the upgrade will not increase rates or create additional costs unless customers want to increase services.  He says Premier will soon send a letter with information on the project, spelling out the details on how it will proceed.  Te Stroete says current and future demands on the transmission of information drive this project, and he says Orange City needs the upgrade.  Premier CEO, Ryan Boone says, “Premier has a strong history of innovation, anticipating the technology needs of the future. Fiber optics will allow us to continue our commitment of providing Orange City with reliable communications services that will grow with the community for decades to come.”


Fiber is a future-proof technology and the best method of providing Internet speeds in excess of 1 Gigabit per second, along with crystal-clear digital voice and TV services, in fact, Te Stroete says they don’t even know the limits of fiber, but replacing the current coaxial cable in Orange City will certainly position the community for the future.  He goes on to predict that in the near future, most homes will require multiple gig capacity, and businesses tens-of-gigs capacity.


Te Stroete estimates they’ll use hundreds of miles of fiber for the project which will benefit thousands of sites in Orange City.  He says the vast majority of Premier’s entire customer base is fiber connected, and the company’s goal is to connect them all with fiber.


Premier will begin $7.5 million project this spring with the completion goal of late fall of this year.



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