MOC FV Vice Principal Receives National Award

Iowa Department of Education Director McKenzie Snow spoke at an afternoon assembly at the Maurice, Orange City, Floyd Valley (MOC-FV) High School Thursday afternoon.  Her remarks were centered around encouraging schools and pointing out the good things Iowa schools are doing. 

Ultimately, her presence at MOC-FV was to help celebrate the surprise announcement of a Milken Educator Award, a prestigious award sometimes called the “Oscar of Teaching”. Up to 75 schools across the nation will have an award winner, and this year will mark the 3,000th Milken Educator award, reaching $75 million in individual financial prizes spanning the length of the initiative which started in 1987.  Milken Educator Awards Senior Vice President Dr. Jane Foley was at the assembly, and says many awards are given to people in occupations other than education.

Because of Snow’s presence, the school and recipient knew nothing of the pending award.  Foley then announced MOC-FV Assistant Principal Grant Hegstad as the recipient.  Hegstad is the only Iowan chosen to receive recognition this year, and is the 47th Iowan to receive the award, which includes an unrestricted gift of $25,000.    

Hegstad joins former MOC FV High School principal, now Superintendent Russ Adams, who received the award in 2003; he also joins the national Milken Educator Network, a growing group of professionals across diverse roles and disciplines working to shape the future of education, some of whom were present to congratulate him.  Hegstad credits his parents and others for where he is today.

When asked how he’ll spend the cash award, his answer ended thoughtfully.

Hegstad commented many times how it’s not just one individual that makes a school or a person great, but the work and influence of many. 

He hopes people see through the award and realize this type of success isn’t because of one person, but because of so many that poured their lives into his and many others.