Hope Haven receives state grant

Hope Haven is the recipient of a grant from the State of Iowa. The funds from this grant are being put towards three projects that will have a big impact on their Hope Haven’s services.

The grant will allow for the construction of 3 new zero-entry handicap accessible homes that will be built in Spencer, Estherville, and Sioux Center. The funds will enhance the HCBS services provided, and will also increase Hope Haven’s capacity to service individuals in their communities as they age.

Hope Haven has purchased seven new wheelchair accessible vans that will utilized for two programs. First, daily HCBS residential services will use the vans to transport clients to day services, such as volunteering in the community. Secondly, the My Day program will utilize the transportation to engage in purposefull activities, such as job tours, health and wellness programs, and visiting community resources.

Lastly, Hope Haven will be implementing a new Electronic Health Record (E.H.R.) software. E.H.R. is where Hope Haven records and stores data consisting of personal information, authorizations, service planning, event records, and billing information. Currently, Hope Haven has 400+ staff utilizing the software on a daily basis to support their clients. Hope Haven has used the same E.H.R. system since 2016. The implementation of the new software will provide a more reliable and trustworthy data base for client’s information, allowing for ease of work for staff and a more secure system overall.

These three projects will allow Hope Haven to provide the best quality care possible, and growing opportunities for clients to be involved in their communities.