Highway 75 ALERT!

Godberson-Smith’s paving crew got rolling Wednesday morning on the east lanes of Highway 75, starting at 20th St. S. and are working their way north. Vander Pol’s underground crews have done a lot of work to prepare the way for this.

Thursday morning, May 30, a crew plans to remove the temporary pavement at the intersection of 16th St. SE and Highway 75 to allow the paver to continue through without stopping. Crews will only be removing pavement on the east part of the 16th St. intersection with Highway 75. North and South traffic will still be able to continue through that 16th St. intersection to 13th St. Traffic will also be able to turn west toward the Walmart area at 16th St. S.

This is great, but it does require a traffic shift. The plan is to reopen 13th St. S. (rock surface) before tearing out the 16th St. S. crossing so people can cross the highway at 13th St.  to access the Walmart commercial area.

Crews plan to open 13th St. tomorrow morning, tentatively before 9 a.m. As soon as 13th is open, a Vander Pol crew plans to remove the temporary pavement at 16th to make way for the paver.