City Council States Concerns With Highway 75 Paving Delay in Council Meeting

The Sioux Center City Council met Monday in a regular session with a full agenda. Not on the agenda, but was a topic of discussion is the construction delay on Phase 1 of the highway 75 construction project.  Because of contractual obligations, the contractor has very little time to finish a project in Le Mars, while the highway 75 project has a little more than 100 days to complete the project here.  A spokesperson for Godberson-Smith Construction says, at the earliest, the construction crew could return to Sioux Center at the end of November at which time, the weather may play a significant role in the paving progress.  City Councilman Eric Moerman is not happy with the delay and says it’s unacceptable.

The Department of Transportation echoes the council’s concern citing safety along with complications of snow removal.

In other council action, Bethel Christian Reformed Church is requesting a permanent closure of 3rd Street SW that extends for one block west of highway 75 due mainly to safety concerns for the 200 plus children that are present on Sundays and Wednesdays at the church.  The church proposes making it a green space for a playground area that can be used by all neighborhood children. 

The council hosted Senator Jeff Taylor and Representative Skylar Wheeler to talk about past and future legislation affecting the city. 

Council then held a public hearing to sell property in the Brookview addition near Scooter’s to the Farmer’s Coop Society for a new retail meat shop they plan to build.  FCS CEO John McDaniel introduced Christian Fisher who will manage to store.  Fisher says it will be a premium meat shop, with many options you typically don’t see at your grocery store. The meat will come from within the Coop system.  Council members passed the resolution to sell the property.  McDaniel says they hope to be open by late 2024.