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August 26: Matt McCarty- NWC Football

August 27: Jennifer Zomer, Alexa Lewis- SR Life Solutions-Suicide Prevention

August 28: Dr. Allen Kramer, David Kramer- Sioux BioChemical

August 29: Taran Raman, Tammy Lief- FCC Golf Event

August 30: Sarah Davelaar- SCCB Fall Programs

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Sioux County Democrats

22 minutes ago

Sioux County Democrat Dessert Social

Memory Loss Luncheon

Yesterday, 9:56am

Memory Loss Awareness

The Triple Box

August 21st

Justin & Vicki Shrock- The Triple Box- The history & availability of a unique, local venue

Hull Kid's Club

August 20, 2019 9:36am

Hull Kid's Club program- what it is, who is it for and how you can help!

Joel Penner

August 19, 2019

Dordt Football & Adopt-A-Player Program

Cory Gotto, Barb Den Herder & Erica Vonk

Leadership Sioux Center

John Heie

August 15, 2019

Miracle Riders Trip & Mission

Candace TeKrone & Robyn Van Rooij

August 14, 2019 1:58pm


ISU Extension

August 13, 2019

Jan Monahan, ISU Extension

Tricia Driesen & Cindy Van Whye

August 12, 2019

Center For Financial Education State Farm Grant

Gary McEldowney

August 09, 2019

New Sioux Center High School Update

Adam Rosman & Rob Miedema

August 08, 2019

Lifelight/Ralley in the Valley

Stephanie Van Ruler & Amy McAlpine

August 07, 2019

New Promise Community Heath Center Wellness Program

Melanie Cleveringa

August 06, 2019

Iowa Childrens' Behavioral Health System Board

Christine Davelaar & Melissa Majerus

August 05, 2019

Rock Valley Saddle Club