Agreement Helps With New Hotel in Sioux Center

February 27, 2023 2:48pm

Hotel Sign 2335278

A new hotel that will promote stays and economic activity in Sioux Center is receiving City support through a development agreement.


The City Council approved a five-year development agreement with a local group planning to build the 76-room hotel this year in southern Sioux Center.


“There is a need for additional hotel space in our community with more amenities here like the ASB Sports Complex bringing people to town,” said Sioux Center Development Director Dennis Dokter. “We’d rather see people stay here overnight that drive out of town.”


Henry Byl, of Sioux Center Lodging, told the council they will begin building the new 4-story Fairfield by Marriot hotel this April in the South Ridge Commercial Park. Construction will take about one year.


“This is a desirable location, next to the Terrace View Event Center, with a great view of the Ridge Golf Course and accessible by Highway 75,” Dokter said.


The City’s development agreement offers a five-year partial property tax rebate on a sliding scale.


“With this project, Sioux Center Lodging will have a significant investment in construction and will expand their operations, services, and employment base in Sioux Center,” Dokter said. “The city has supported and encouraged their development in this area and recognizes the additional costs to develop this project site and construction of a hotel.”