Two Arrested After Incident at Hawarden Hospital

Two people were arrested after an altercation at the Hawarden hospital early Monday morning.  25-year-old Saye Paye of Sioux Falls, and 20-year-old Katie Saldana of Alcester were arrested at 2:46 am after a 911 call was made reporting a fight at the hospital.  During the call, fighting could be heard in the background.

When deputies arrived, they found Paye and Saldana were fighting over their child’s car seat in the parking lot.  Saldana was holding a three-month-old child in her arms when the fight began.  A nurse was able to safely remove the child from Saldana’s arms during the disturbance.  No injuries were reported.

Both Saldana and Paye were taken to and booked into the Sioux County Jail where they were charged with child endangerment and disorderly conduct.  Both have been released after posting a $2,000 bond each.