Tulip Festival Features Exclusive New Tulip to Orange City

The 83rd Annual Orange City Tulip Festival officially begins Thursday.  Ripe with traditional events and activities for all ages, there’s something new and unique this year.  A brand-new tulip, exclusive only to Orange City, has been developed and announced this spring.  Although not in bloom, it is available for sale.  Keri Drescher, owner of Tulip Town Bulb Company in Orange City, says the Dutch Heritage Boosters asked if they could partner with her for the new tulip.

It all started with a visit from the Consulate General from the Netherlands who visited Orange City last year.  Dutch Heritage Booster member Jodi Vander Zwaag says the Consulate General told them something surprising.

After determining what this meant, and being put in contact with a bulb company in the Netherlands that develops exclusive bulbs, they found out the process takes between seven to ten years.  However, there was a bulb available if they wanted it, and it had orange on it. 

The name means Orange City, Dutch Heritage Boosters; to honor the Dutch heritage and the Dutch Heritage Boosters.  Vander Zwaag says that the final act is to baptize the tulip.  Not knowing how that’s done, she learned one was just baptized this spring in Chicago.

The Oranjestad DHB tulip, is bright yellow with orange to apricot tips, and can be purchased at the festival which runs through May 18.