Tobacco, Taxes, Entertainment, New Business – All Topics at Sioux Center City Council

The Sioux Center City Council approved the proposed Tax Levy for Fiscal Year 2025, then after receiving four staff reports, the Sioux Center City Council tackled a full meeting agenda Wednesday.  On the agenda were discussions to dispose certain commercial plots of land to developers for new and expanding businesses in the community.  Central Vet Clinic is planning to build a new facility in the Brookview Addition near Scooters.  The plan will require selling the south lot and vacating the easement there.  The council also approved an economic development agreement in the form of a partial tax rebate on a sliding scale over five years as Central Vet will also be adding employees and services.  The Farmer’s Coop Society will construct a retail facility that includes the processing and retail sales of specialty meats and cooking accessories, also in the Brookview Addition.  A partial tax rebate was approved for that project as they will be paying for a good portion of cement work along the easement with another lot.  A developer is planning construction of a Goodwill store on a lot adjacent to Snap Fitness to the north in the Westview First Addition which required a resolution to dispose of property for that development.  RJ Mini Golf, an entertainment venue planned for the South Ridge Commercial Park, south of the Terrace View Events Center, also received an economic incentive in the form of a tax rebate on a sliding scale over five years.  Representatives hope to be open at the end of summer.

The city council voted to vacate easements in three different properties allowing for two commercial projects in the Bio Tec Park on the north side, and one residential project on the south side of golf course. 

Residents along 13th Ave. SE have voiced concerns over the speed limit on a stretch of that roadway.  Most of 13th Ave. SE is 45mph, while a half-mile stretch between 9th Street SE and East First Street is 55 mph.  The council agreed the speed limit should be consistent and discussed steps to make all of 13th Ave. SE 45mph.

 After consulting with law enforcement, Sioux Center School officials, and after some research, the council decided not to approve a cigarette and tobacco permit to R Smoke Plus, who wants to build a stand-alone smoke shop that sells tobacco products in Sioux Center.

Discussion continued on whether Sioux Center should pursue the construction of a 12 Mega-Watt back-up electric generation plant.  Missouri River Energy Services, from which Sioux Center gets its electrical power, has increased the upfront payment which makes the program more economically favorable.  MRES will operate the plant that has an engineer’s estimate of $21 million, and Sioux Center will have access to the power in emergency situations.  The city council voted to proceed with the process.

Finally, a public hearing has been set to approve the city’s fiscal 2024/25 budget.  That date is April 15, the next Sioux Center City Council meeting.