Temporary Highway 75 Closure Begins Wednesday

A multi-day Highway 75 closure will begin tomorrow (Wednesday) and potentially run through the weekend in the Phase 1 construction area to allow the paving crew to add temporary pavement near two intersections.

Godbersen-Smith is adding areas of temporary paving for safer winter travel through the construction area, at 13th St. South to give traffic more room to transition into the construction area and install barrels to divide the lanes. Going forward for the winter, there will be no left turns at 13th St. S.

Also, Godberson Smith will be installing temporary pavement for the 16th Street/Highway 75 intersection to allow for smoother travel until spring.

Through traffic in this area must take the temporary detour – from 20th St. SE to 13th Ave. SE to 9th St. SE, reconnecting to Highway 75 at the 9th Street stoplight.

Business traffic can access the Walmart area via 20th Street SW and the Frontage Road from the south, and 13th St. SW from the north.

Business traffic to the Advance Auto area will have access via 14th St. S.