Sioux Center Receives Request for New Ambulance, Reviews Community Survey

The Sioux Center Ambulance Team presented data from 2023 to the Sioux Center City Council Monday.  Chief Medic Tracy Foltz noted that as a mostly volunteer team, Sioux Center Ambulance’s response time averaged one-and-a-half minutes faster than the national standard of response time of 8:59.  The 21 volunteers split four shifts each day in pairs to cover the community’s emergency needs.  With Sioux Center’s growth, and with increased difficulty recruiting more volunteers, Foltz made a request to the council to hire a third full-time medic.  In addition, the team operates three ambulances, and one has reached its retirement age of 12 years, so Foltz made a request to the council to purchase a new ambulance, committing to pay half of the $300,000 needed to purchase one. 

The council reviewed data from the community survey that was distributed last fall.  The survey is designed to give feedback on city amenities, services, infrastructure, facilities, utilities, and more.  Initial results show an overall increase in community approval, however only 448 people took the survey, compared to 703 who completed the survey five years ago.  The survey was distributed online and by paper in both English and Spanish.  The city will conduct another survey in 2028.

The council approved a resolution that allocates $1,137,122 received from the American Rescue Plan Act to the city’s portion of the highway 75 enhancement project.

The council also approved building permit rates and rental rates for 2024.  Changes include a $25 increase in fees for action at the Board of Adjustment and the Planning and Zoning Board.  Other changes include public skate fees and rentals at the All-Season’s Center from $5 to $6 per person admission and from $3 to $4 skate rental per person.  Adult public swim fees at the All-Season’s Center will increase to $10.  Building rental fees will increase from $30 to $40 for the upper lobby, Senior Center, and Multi-Purpose Room at the All-Season’s Center.  Park shelter house rentals will increase $25 from last year’s rates with an increase in the required deposit from $100 to $150.  The Open Space Park Shelter House will be rented at a rate of $225 per day.  Reservations for rentals must be made through the All-Season’s Center.

Finally, the city council approved annual funding requests to local non-profit organizations.  Mid-Sioux will receive $7,500, Atlas $1,000, Center for Financial Education $1,000, and Siouxland Adaptive Sports will receive $500.

The next city council meeting will be February 15 at 4pm.