Sioux Center Police Department to Ad 2 Sergeants

At Monday’s Sioux Center City Council meeting, Police Chief Josh Koedam proposed creating two sergeant positions for the police department.  Rationale includes retirement of a sergeant in 2013 that was not filled, the retirement of an investigator that was not filled, and continued growth and the need for administrative duties to be accomplished more frequently.  Koedam says he’ll hire from within the department.  The officers chosen will continue regular duties and will receive a $200 monthly stipend for the additional responsibilities as sergeants.

In other matters, the city council discussed the highway 75 reconstruction phase 2 bids with a special city council meeting scheduled for noon on Friday to possibly award the contract.  Three bids have been received with the low bid from Godberson Smith, the company currently working phase 1 of the project. 

Council also discussed support for the Lil Wispy Par 3 expansion of the Ridge Golf Course.  The project is seeking to apply for a Community Attraction and Tourism Grant (CAT) offered through Enhance Iowa.  Typical grant awards are between 10% and 15% of the total project cost.  The Ridge Board is asking the city to sponsor/authorize the application which would include financial support.  The city council approved to commit $15,000 as support for the grant to be included in the CAT grant application.  Members of the city council clearly state they are supporting the application of the grant with this financial commitment and have not made a financial commitment to the project itself at this point.

The city council also approved the city employees’ health insurance renewal which shows no change from the previous year.

The next city council meeting will be Friday, October 27 at 12pm.