NCC Poised For Record Enrollment

Northwest Iowa Community College (NCC) is poised to achieve a historic enrollment record for the 2023–2024 academic year. The college reported large enrollment numbers for the first two semesters, and an increase for the start of the summer semester signaling the potential for the highest annual enrollment in its history.

The Fall 2023 semester witnessed significant enrollment, becoming the second-largest fall cohort since becoming a college in 1966, with 1,792 students, second only to the previous fall enrollment. However, credit hours increased by 2.68%, underscoring continued growth in academic engagement.

Spring 2024 saw enrollment reach a record-breaking 1,952 students, marking a 5.51% increase over the previous spring’s record of 1,850. This achievement represents the largest spring enrollment since the college’s founding.

The enrollments for Summer 2023 saw a headcount of 805 students with a total credit count of 4,427.5. Summer 2024 continued this trend with a headcount of 824 students and a credit count of 4,645.0. This represents a 2.36% increase in headcount and a 4.91% increase in credit count from 2023 to 2024.

John Hartog, NCC’s President, shared his enthusiasm for the upcoming year-end numbers and emphasized the college’s commitment to student success. He stated, “In the previous academic year, NCC served 2,778 credit students, a testament to our accessible, affordable, and high-quality educational offerings. We hope to finish this academic year, which ends mid-August 2024, with similarly strong numbers. Then, this fall men’s and women’s soccer comes to NCC, enhancing the college experience for everyone and bringing soccer-playing student-athletes to NCC.”

NCC stands out in Iowa for its exceptional graduation rate of 62.4%, the highest in the state and among the best nationally. The college also boasts the highest student success rate in Iowa at 66.8% and the lowest federal loan default rate at 1.5%.

According to the Iowa Board of Regents, NCC students who transfer to Iowa’s regent universities (University of Iowa, Iowa State University, or University of Northern Iowa) achieve the highest GPA (first term post-transfer) at 3.17, compared to a 2.99 average for all other Iowa community colleges. Additionally, NCC transfer students complete an average of 26 credits in their first year, compared to the 24-credit average for other community college transfers. Furthermore, 83% of NCC students graduate within three years of transferring, significantly higher than the 55% average for other Iowa community colleges.

These achievements reflect NCC’s mission, “Your Success is Our Story,” highlighting the institution’s commitment to fostering a culture of success and offering programs that meet the needs of Northwest Iowans. Students are drawn to NCC for its recognized excellence, impactful instruction, and relevant programs that lead to successful careers post-graduation.

Recent national recognitions further underscore NCC’s excellence:

  • Ranked in the Top 10 Community Colleges Nationally by the Aspen Institute in 2023 and Top 20 in 2024
  • #2 Nationwide for Best Overall Community College and Career Outcomes by
  • Named a Top 10 Associate-Granting Public Institution in the US for Median Lifetime Return on Investment (ROI) by the Bipartisan Policy Center