Local Update on Property Tax Relief for Senior Citizens

Iowa Secretary of State, Paul Pate, has granted Iowa Assessors access to the voter registration list to assist in administering the 65+ Homestead Exemption. The information available is limited to name, address and date of birth. The Sioux County Assessor’s office will be using this information to determine who is eligible for the 65+ Homestead Exemption, no further action is required if you are on the voting list. Any homeowner who is 65 or older, and not registered to vote, will need to contact the Sioux County Assessor’s Office in order to apply for the exemption. If you are not a resident of Sioux County, you may want to check with your local assessor’s office as to the status of the exemption. The 65+ Homestead Exemption is for the 2023 assessment year, with those taxes being payable in 2024/25.