Local Fraudulent Check Scheme

Law enforcement are investigating several fraudulent bank scheme incidents that occurred late last week. 

The Sioux County Sheriff’s Office, Orange City Police Department, Sioux Center Police Department and Lyon County Sheriff’s Office investigated a coordinated fraudulent bank scheme that occurred in banks in Alvord, Hull, Orange City and Sioux Center last Friday.

The incidents involved Hispanic or Guatemalan individuals entering banks in what appears a unified manner and presented fraudulent checks for cash. They would arrive at locations in groups of 4-6 individuals, enter the lobby to present checks for cash and then another new group of 4-6 people would enter in the same manner to overwhelm the bank employees.

The fake checks were printed on high quality paper with holographs and routing numbers. Nearly all of those present wore hats, face coverings, neck coverings, long sleeves, and other attempts to disguise their identity. The suspects kept their faces down to avoid video identification and appeared to be the same individuals at multiple locations.