Jury Convicts Sheldon Woman of Harassment

A Sheldon woman was convicted by a jury in Sioux County Magistrate Court for Third Degree Harassment Tuesday.     

According to a press release from the Sioux County Attorney’s Office, the case arose in 2021when the victim began complaining to law enforcement that they did not want to be contacted by now 53-year-old Blanca Ann Boom-Struyk of Sheldon, who had ignored the victim’s requests not to contact them.  Over the course of a year, between 2022 and 2023, multiple law enforcement officers from several law enforcement agencies instructed Boom-Struyk not to contact the victim, warning of criminal harassment. The victim also blocked Boom-Struyk’s telephone number. However, Boom-Struyk made telephone calls from a restricted number to the victim several days in a row in December of 2023.

Boom-Struyk was charged and pleaded not guilty. The case proceeded to a jury trial on Tuesday, June 18. The same day, the jury found Boom-Struyk guilty beyond a reasonable doubt of Harassment in the Third Degree, a Simple Misdemeanor. The jury found Boom-Struyk acted with the specific intent to intimidate, annoy, or alarm the victim. A sentencing hearing is scheduled for July 16.