Hiway 75 Reconstruction Phase 1 Bid Accepted

Bids for the first part of the three-year Highway 75 reconstruction came in lower than anticipated.

The Sioux Center City Council gave local approval this week to the apparent low bid for reconstructing Highway 75 from 20th Street to 13th Street South, as well a part of 16th Street SE.

The bid of $9.8 million for this work, from Godbersen-Smith Construction Company in Ida Grove, came in more than $1 million less that the engineer’s estimate.

“In today’s difficult bidding environment, we were pleased to have two bidders on this project and very pleased that the low bid is under the estimate,” said Sioux Center Utilities Manager Murray Hulstein. “We’re looking forward to getting this project started this spring.”

Work is set to begin this spring, replacing the existing road with an enhanced four-lane road, including two lanes of traffic in each direction, medians and a center turn lane. Phase 1 also involves adding a stoplight at 20th Street South, updating the 16th Street intersection design, making utility improvements, and adding or improving sidewalks along both sides of the highway.

The multi-year Highway 75 reconstruction is focused on safety and function for travelers and pedestrians, as well as showcasing Sioux Center’s character. The second part of this project, Phase 2, stretches from 13th Street South to 12th Street North and is anticipated to take two years of construction (2024-25). Phase 2 will be in a separate contract from Phase 1, and it is planned to go to bid in October.

The Phase 1 bid approval is contingent upon Iowa Department of Transportation approval, because the City and the DOT are partners in this project.

For the Phase 1 bid, the DOT will cover about $7.9 million for all roadway reconstruction and paving except part of the 16th Street work. The City’s portion is about $1.9 million, covering costs like water main, sanitary sewer improvements, street lights, and streetscaping.