Former Deputy Submits Written Plea

A former Sioux County Sheriff’s Deputy has entered a plea to several felony charges against him.

According to the Sioux County Sheriff and the Sioux County Attorney’s offices, Caleb and Jill Haverdink of Maurice were arrested on seven counts of Neglect of a Dependent Person, Class C Felonies.  They also face misdemeanor charges.  The charges are a result of a criminal investigation conducted by the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation.

According to court documents, the Haverdinks allegedly had prior knowledge of a child in their care committing several acts of sexual abuse and sexualized acts against other children in their care and “took no meaningful action to mitigate the abuse and protect” those children.  Documents say, “their inaction put children under their care at high risk of victimization for sexual abuse.”

Court records show Caleb Haverdink has entered a written plea of not guilty to the charges.  So far, Jill Haverdink has not entered a plea to the charges.