Excitement is High as Young Bull Moose Roams Sioux County

A moose has been spotted roaming in Northwest Iowa.  A video appeared Thursday on Facebook of what appears to be a young bull moose crossing an empty field.  Sioux Center Police Chief Josh Koedam issued a warning that the moose was near Dordt University this (Friday) morning.

Two years ago, a young bull moose wandered into a Plymouth County field, stayed there for quite some time, and eventually died there.  DNR Regional Conservation Officer John Sells hasn’t seen the moose, but the photos give it away

Sells says moose sightings are not as unusual as you would think.

He says if moose come this far south, it’s usually because of one thing.

Sells says moose are a protected species in Iowa, you cannot shoot or hunt them, and if you see a moose, you should stay clear

Sioux County Conservation Board Naturalist Sunday Ford says there’s been an increase of unusual wildlife recently spotted in the area.  She cites a report of a wild bull Elk in Plymouth County this week, and an Armadillo near Hospers in August.  She says the Armadillo likely didn’t come on its own.

Ford says species that find themselves in Iowa probably won’t fare well.

Elk and Moose could survive but are likely to just be moving through the area.  Sells says moose can travel 5 to 10 miles a day, and have been known to travel up to 100 miles per week.  He says the moose’s trajectory is in a southeasterly direction, which could put it in the Orange City and Alton areas Saturday, unless it decides to turn around and go back home.