Emergency Repairs Slated for Highway 75 in Sioux Center

Highway 75 north of 8th Street in Sioux Center is slated for some emergency repairs to address the winter impact.

The Iowa DOT, which owns and maintains Highway 75 through Sioux Center, is planning a repair project for areas from 8th Street S to 15th Street N that would involve milling and resurfacing some of the pavement. The recent winter created significant potholes and cracks in the aging road surface.

“This has been a pretty wild winter for many parts of Iowa. When you’re out on Iowa’s highways, you may notice more potholes than in the last few mild winters. The Iowa Transportation Commission just took steps to help get these potholes repaired by approving an additional $15 million specifically for additional maintenance to be done on interstates, U.S., and state highways,” said Iowa DOT District 3 Engineer Jessica Felix, P.E. “The Sioux Center segments are part of those emergency repairs to address the potholes and roadway conditions.”

The emergency repair project for Sioux Center will be bid next week and work will begin later in spring.

“Thanks to the DOT for planning these repairs to help get us through until this part of the highway is rebuilt,” said Utilities Manager Murray Hulstein. “We’ve heard residents’ concerns about the road and want to thank the DOT for addressing this.”

Highway 75 is already planned to be reconstructed in phases from 20th Street South to 12th Street North in 2023-25. This 2.5-mile project is designed to replace aging pavement and rebuild the highway in a safety-based design with two lanes of travel in each direction and center turn lanes and medians. This is a shared project between the DOT and the City of Sioux Center.

Phase 1, which begins this spring, will remove and replace pavement from 20th Street South to 13th Street South. The DOT emergency repair project addresses the area north of this phase, which will be fully reconstructed in 2024-25.