Dordt Forges Partnership With Canadian School

Dordt University and Trinity Western University in Langley, British Columbia, have announced a new partnership between Trinity’s Human Services Certificate Program and Dordt’s Master of Social Work (MSW).

Those who graduate from Trinity Western University with a certificate through the Human Services Program can now fast-track their path to an MSW at Dordt. Students have an opportunity to graduate early and save tuition by choosing Dordt’s MSW program, as some of their MSW courses will be waived because of what they studied at Trinity Western.

Alexandra Dueck, coordinator of the Human Services Certificate Program at Trinity Western says since Dordt’s program is accredited by CSWE, which is recognized by the British Columbia College of Social Workers, it allows Trinity students to seamlessly enter the field of Social Work in BC after completing their MSW at Dordt. 

Dueck says Trinity students complete the Human Services Certificate Program with over 300 hours of practical experience in the helping field and take courses that prepare them for work with vulnerable populations.

Dr. Erin Olson, director of Dordt’s MSW program, says the partnership demonstrates a shared commitment by both Trinity Western and Dordt to empower students to reach their full potential both academically and professionally.

Dordt’s Master of Social Work is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) and approved by the Higher Learning Commission. The accreditation from CSWE is a key component to allowing Canadian students to practice social work in Canada once they graduate.