Diamond Vogel Opens Innovation Center

Wednesday was a big day for Diamond Vogel, as the northwest Iowa-based company opened the doors to its new “Innovation Center.”

“Orange City is Diamond Vogel, Diamond Vogel is Orange City,” said Jeff Powell, Diamond Vogel’s President and CEO.

For 97 years Diamond Vogel has been a flagship of Orange City according to Powell. He says the ribbon cutting and opening of the company’s “Innovation Center” is a bright sign for the future of the company known for high-quality paints and coatings.

“So, this is just another continued commitment to the community, the state, and to our employee base that we are planning to stay her for a long time,” said Powell.

Inside the new area there is space for creativity to run wild.

“We’re making an investment in this facility to allow our people to get creative and innovative,” said Powell.

In the Mill Room and in the new Innovation Center is where chemists will work to perfect new technologies. They will start with smaller size cans like quarts and eventually work bigger and bigger until they can perfect them and bring them to the consumer.

“Innovation and keeping our product line at the leading edge is the fuel for the future,” said Drew Vogel, the Chairman of Diamond Vogel.

A future that will continue to leave a lasting impact in northwest Iowa.

Right now, 50 technical workers make up the staff. Company leaders say the new space gives Diamond Vogel the ability to expand to about 60 workers.

Courtesy of Media Partner KTIV