Car Collides With Sioux Center Christian School Building

A mishap Wednesday morning ended with a Jeep jumping a curb and hitting a building in Sioux Center. According to the accident report, the accident happened around 10:50am as 68-year-old Leanne Bonnecroy of Orange City parked her vehicle on the west side of Sioux Center Christian School, on 1st Ave. SE. As she was exiting the vehicle, Bonnecroy realized she left the car running. As she was getting back into the vehicle, she accidentally put it in drive and stepped on the accelerator. The vehicle accelerated eastbound and struck the mirror of a truck that was parked for tree removal services and continued into some landscaping, hitting a boulder and a flag-pole before striking the school.

Damage estimates to the school property are unknown at this time; Bonnecroy’s Jeep sustained about $10,000 in damage.