Bird Flu found in O’Brien County Dairy Herd

The Iowa Department of Agriculture says preliminary testing has found a case of Avian Influenza in a dairy herd in O’Brien County. Final testing is pending at the National Veterinary Services Laboratory (NVSL) in Ames.

This is Iowa’s first reported case of Avian Influenza within a dairy. There have been 80 confirmed dairy cases in eight other states. The Iowa Ag Department says it will soon be announcing additional response measures. The USDA is tightening the restrictions on taking those livestock over state lines. Dairy cows appear to recover from the disease, while birds who are infected have to be destroyed.

There is no concern about the safety of pasteurized milk, or dairy products. Pasteurization has continually proven to successfully inactivate bacteria, and viruses, like influenza in milk.

I f dairy producers suspect cases of HPAI, they should contact their herd veterinaarian immediately.