City Council Meets, Administers Oath of Office

November 10, 2022 8:53am

Sam Van Ginkel 1 Small

Sam Van Ginkel

The Sioux Center City Council met in regular session Monday, and one of the first items of business was for Mayor Dave Krahling to administer the oath of office to Sam Van Ginkel and Tyler Kanaly, both of whom are joining the Sioux Center Police Force.


Tyler Kanaly 2 Small

Tyler Kanaly

Representatives from Bolton & Menk gave a presentation to council on the city’s wastewater system.  Kris Swanson and Wes Boyer, along with city staff have identified nine priority areas that need attention.  The report focused primarily on plans to construct waste-water pathways on the perimeter of town, alleviating the stress on the aging waste-water main line that runs from downtown to the treatment facility.  According to the report, of the nine priority areas, three need immediate attention.  Staff note that the priority areas are in the delivery system to the new waste-water treatment facility.     


It’s been nearly five years since the city conducted a community survey, and city staff are planning another one for 2023.  Results of the last survey were reviewed by the city council, and staff were able to connect concerns of that survey with several city projects, showing positive city action in response to the last community survey.


In other business, City Manager Scott Wynja reported that Phase 1 plans for the Highway 75 project have been submitted to the DOT.  A report that was to be given at the meeting will instead be given at the November 30 city council meeting. Also noted by staff is that the fabric for the indoor turf facility has been delivered, and work to inflate the dome will begin soon.