Sioux Center Man Faces Assault Charges Among Others

November 04, 2022 9:19am

Sc Police Vehicle 1

A Sioux Center man faces several charges following incidents Halloween night, and into the next morning.    


41-year-old Jared Andersen of Sioux Center was contacted at his residence by the Sioux Center Police late Monday night after he threatened to harm himself.  Police were informed of past and current mental issues with Andersen, and that firearms could be at his residence.


When police arrived, Andersen threatened a “shootout”, but surrendered to police after a standoff. 


Firearms and ammunition were seized from the residence, some of the firearms were loaded.


Andersen was charged with first-degree harassment and transported to Orange City Area Health System for evaluation.  While being evaluated, Andersen took and concealed an otoscope and made moves in an aggressive manner at a nurse, contacting her shoulder.  Andersen claimed the otoscope was a firearm.  He also made aggressive movements toward law enforcement while saying he had a firearm and that officers had not searched him well enough.


Andersen refused to obey the officers’ commands and assaulted them, injuring one of the officers while damaging two walls and equipment in the emergency room.


Andersen was further charged with second-degree criminal mischief, assault while using or displaying a weapon, and interference with official acts resulting in bodily injury.