Violations of Sioux Center's Water Restrictions Will Now Be Enforced

August 03, 2022 3:56pm

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The Sioux Center City Council met at noon Wednesday, and among the items discussed is the ongoing water conservation efforts.  A Water Warning was issued to the community July 1 which remains in effect.  Utilities Manager, Murray Hulstein says for the most part, the community has been very cooperative with the efforts.


Hulstein says the shallow well aquifers east of town by Sandy Hollow continue to show decreasing levels, but the efforts of the community have decreased the water usage level that he feels is sustainable.


A new well west of Sioux Center, has gone online replacing a well that developed a hole and had to be shut down.  Hulstein says it will be a month before the new well is at 100% capacity, but it is providing water to the community now, which helps.


As drought conditions continue, and even with cooperation from the community, the city council has decided to start enforcing water warning rules.  Enforcement will begin with letters being sent to those in violation of the watering restrictions.  

The city will allow an exception to lawn watering however, but only for new construction through the fall, and in coordination with Sioux Center’s Water Department so that the system does not become overwhelmed.