Speed Limit Changes in Southeast Sioux Center

April 28, 2022 3:04pm

45 Mph Speed Limit By Hospital

The speed limit along two roads in southeast Sioux Center is decreasing to 45 miles per hour.


The speed limit change includes 13th Ave. SE, from the 9th St. SE to 20th St. SE, and 20th St. SE, from 13th Ave. SE to the current 25 mph zone in southern Sioux Center, near 3rd Ave. SE. Signs have been posted and traffic enforcement of the new speed zone will begin.


“Be vigilant and watch your speed; there is a lot more traffic in this area to be aware of,” said Police Chief Mike Halma.


45 Mph Speed Limit By Wwtp

Because 13th Ave. SE is on the east corporate line of Sioux Center, the roadway is in shared jurisdiction with the City of Sioux Center and Sioux County.


The City Council and the Sioux County Board of Supervisors agreed to the change to 45 miles per hour there, stating that “a reasonable and proper speed limit shall be established for the safety of the traveling public due to increased vehicle traffic, increased school-related traffic due to a new school location and increased residential traffic resulting from a new housing development and hospital.”