Councilmen Recognized For Service

April 07, 2022 2:06pm

Dale Den Herder Honored

Left: Den Herder, Right: Mayor David Krahling

The Sioux Center City Council honored W. Dale Den Herder and Jamie Van Ravenswaay for their years of service on the city council by presenting the two former council members a resolution of recognition this week.


The resolution recognizes that Den Herder and Van Ravenswaay’s “leadership and unselfish efforts have contributed to the progressive growth and orderly development of this community.” It notes that the former council members served with distinction and honor in the leadership positions the community has entrusted to them and faithfully performed duties and shared their time and talents “with a full measure of devotion to the community of Sioux Center.”


Den Herder served in City leadership for 52 years, with 36 years as a council member and 16 years as mayor. He has helped guide many projects and initiatives in Sioux Center, from Centre Mall to recreation trails, from drawing many businesses to Sioux Center to the construction of low-rent housing. Den Herder was in city leadership through the development of Open Space Park, construction of a Water Treatment Plant and Wastewater Treatment Plant, building a new Sioux Center Public Library, creation of Sioux County Regional Airport, and adding the All Seasons Center and Siouxnami Waterpark.


Jamie Van Ravenswaay Honored

Left: Van Ravenswaay, Right: Mayor David Krahling

Van Ravenswaay served as a City Council member for 12 years. Among projects he helped lead are construction of the Siouxnami Waterpark, Open Space Park planning, Highway 75 redesign planning, and the addition of numerous bike trails with plans for more, as well as the completion of the community’s award-winning wastewater treatment facility.