Dog Park Proposed For Sioux Center

April 05, 2022 11:43am

Dog 2

The City of Sioux Center is planning for a dog park to enhance a local park.

Sioux Center Parks Director Lee Van Meeteren shared the proposal to add a dog park to the eastern side of Country View Park with the City Council this week.

“We want to provide a space that dogs can run and play off-leash in a safe environment, and where dog owners can enjoy meeting up with other like-minded dog lovers,” Van Meeteren said.

The site, just shy of an acre, will be adjacent to part of the outfield of the ball diamonds. It will be fenced in and include a separate fenced area for smaller dogs, Van Meeteren said. Plans call for extending the recreation trail to connect the dog park to existing trail and a parking area for easy access. Van Meeteren is also proposing adding water fountains, benches, and possibly a shade structure. The site includes a few trees and is near a playground and restrooms.

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“This will be an enhancement to the Country View Park and add another amenity for our community,” Van Meeteren said. “As we see more apartments and townhomes here with less yard space, we want to be ahead of the growth, providing amenities that help serve people living there, including a space like this for dogs.”

The planned dog park could open as soon as this fall. The council and city staff have been considering dog park options for several years, fueled by community survey input and resident feedback indicating interest in this amenity.

“I feel it’s a good step to test the idea, to gauge the owners’ responsibility,” said Mayor David Krahling. “If it goes great, and everybody is conscientious about cleaning up, which is a huge need, and if there could be something more in the future, great.”

The success and availability of the dog park will depend on dog owners using it responsibly, Van Meeteren noted. The dog park may be closed if dog owners aren’t taking care of it.
“There is a lot of maintenance for an amenity like this,” Van Meeteren said. “The biggest thing is people picking up after their dog.”