Housing Survey Responses Fuel Future Planning

March 22, 2022 3:48pm

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Community responses to the recent housing survey will help shape action plans to help meet housing needs in Sioux Center. More than 1,050 residents and commuters completed the survey, which is part of the community efforts to address gaps in available housing.

“Thanks to the community and businesses that helped push out and complete the survey,” said City Manager Scott Wynja. “We are glad to have the level of response we did.”

The survey data was compiled by McClure Engineering, along with Census data and information from other communities, including Orange City, Le Mars, and Spencer, for comparisons. While 93% of respondents indicated they are satisfied or very satisfied with their current housing, the survey data also indicated there are opportunities to add housing options, especially homes in the price range below $250,000. Of all respondents, more than half suggested adding entry-level single-family dwellings in the $225,000 or below price range.

“This gives us some information as we look to create housing initiatives and work with developers. We need to consider what the City’s role is in promoting housing options and promoting workforce housing,” Wynja said. “We need to talk about what the City’s goal is that we want to get to.”

About 1/3 of the survey participants who live outside of Sioux Center indicated they’d be interested in moving to Sioux Center, a total of 63 people.

“There is some clarity here – in that we’re short 50 units, and is that enough? And it points to
promoting a place for some alternatives that maybe don’t look exactly like we have done before,” said Mayor David Krahling. “It’s not a single thing – it’s not one big apartment complex, it’s multiple ideas that developers come with.”

City council members said they plan to discuss this topic further during a strategic planning session at the end of March.