Doon Man Sentenced to Prison

January 10, 2022 4:43pm

Christopher Kelderman

A Doon man was sentenced to prison Monday in Sioux County District Court.  According to a press release from Sioux County Attorney Thomas Kunstle, 38 year-old Christopher Michael Kelderman was sentenced for two counts of Serious Injury by Vehicle.


This case stems from an April 2020 incident when Kelderman sped through a stop sign and crashed into another vehicle.  The two occupants in that vehicle sustained life-threatening injuries, one now uses a wheelchair.  Emergency responders noticed Kelderman smelled like alcohol and saw beer cans inside and outside his vehicle, he later failed a sobriety test and admitted to drinking alcohol.


In November of last year, Kelderman pled guilty to two counts of Serious Injury by Vehicle.  At sentencing today, the State recommended Kelderman serve two prison sentences concurrently.  Counsel for Kelderman recommended the prison sentence be suspended and that he be placed on probation. District Court Judge Jeffrey Poulson ordered Kelderman be sentenced to two indeterminate terms of incarceration, served concurrently, not to exceed a total or five (5) years.