American State Bank Sports Complex Moving Forward

November 24, 2021 2:35pm

Indoor Turf Concept

The first part of Sioux Center’s new indoor turf facility will likely be bid in December.

Construction on the 118,000-square-foot American State Bank Sports Complex could likely begin in March or April of 2022. The shared project between the City and Dordt University will offer a new option for year-round recreation for all ages.

City Manager Scott Wynja shared an update on the complex with the City Council, explaining that the fabric membrane for the top of the facility will be bid first, with bids expected from companies in Minnesota and Missouri. The center of the roof is planned to be translucent, to let in natural light, Wynja noted.

The second part of the project, to be bid second, will include the base of the sports complex, the turf, pathways to the complex, and the head-end building. The head-end building will include restrooms, a control desk, team changing rooms, a concession area, and a large seating and lobby space for people to gather.

“We’re looking to try to match some of the look of the All Seasons Center, with a lot of windows and the open air look.” Wynja said.

Inside, the turf area is large enough to allow for spectators and mobile bleachers around different field configurations, ranging from full-size soccer and softball fields to three youth football or soccer fields side-by-side. Wynja said the facility would be set up to host regional soccer youth tournaments, and events like that that would draw people.

“Space for spectators is key,” said Councilman Dale Vander Berg.

A number of factors remain to be decided, including how to connect the sports complex to the existing parking lot to the west, and whether to include an outdoor plaza next to the complex for teams and family members to gather.

Wynja said the American State Bank Sports Complex is planned be open to the public around
December 2022.