City Offers Dordt University Development Agreement For More Than $1.7 Million

November 03, 2021 11:41am

Dordt University Sign

The City of Sioux Center is offering a $1.725 million development agreement for a number of
significant building projects by Dordt University.

The City Council recently approved this agreement, which is designated for a number of facilities, many of which are available for public use. It also includes retention and creation of up to 25 local jobs, noting the long-term impact the university has had and continues to have in growing Sioux Center.

Councilman Jamie Van Ravenswaay noted that more than 1,000 Dordt alumni have chosen to live and stay in Sioux Center, stating you can’t question the economic impact the university has on Sioux Center.

Mayor David Krahling noted that this development agreement was similar to those with other businesses planning to create jobs and attract people to Sioux Center.  Krahling says there’s no question Dordt has been a huge part of the growth over the years, and their continued thriving is good for the community.  He says communities that don’t have universities don’t have that way of attracting people.

The development agreement approved by the council is designed to be spread out over four years, beginning in June 2022.

The council also plans to consider an urban renewal development agreement of $525,000 for Dordt’s campaign at a future meeting, bringing the total to $2.25 million.