City of Hawarden Hires New Economic & Community Development Director

October 19, 2021 4:21pm

City Of Hawarden

The City of Hawarden has hired a new Community and Economic Development Director to work on developing business, industry, and housing in the community. Carol Hoogestraat will start in the role beginning October 25.

Hoogestraat is a familiar figure around Hawarden, most recently as the owner of Big Sioux Embroidery prior to its sale. With a long history of starting and growing businesses Hoogestraat brings her knowledge and drive to the role to help businesses succeed in Hawarden.

“Working and being involved in the Hawarden community has been a wonderful experience. The residents of Hawarden supported me in my business endeavors, and I feel honored to be able to work for them in this position.” said Hoogestraat.

Carol has called the Hawarden area home for the last 8 years. Carol has been active in the community not only as a business leader but volunteering as well.

“I am excited to get started in this position. I have used the resources from the Hawarden economic development office several times in my business adventures and the assistance was greatly appreciated.” Hoogestraat said.

Hoogestraat says the first month she will spend working with state and county agencies to ensure the businesses and residents of Hawarden are getting everything that is available to them. Hoogestraat also wants to focus on bringing more affordable housing options in Hawarden for our current and new residents.