New Sioux Center High School Receives Energy Rebate Check

October 06, 2021 10:41am

Sioux Center Community School Bes Rebate Check 2021

Sioux Center Municipal Utilities recently presented Sioux Center Community School a $66,220 rebate check at the new high school for choosing energy-efficient technology in the new building.

The energy rebates are part of the Bright Energy Solutions program, which offers cash incentives to business and residential energy customers of community-owned utilities who chose qualifying energy-efficient equipment.

“The Sioux Center Community School District chose lighting and technologies that will help reduce their utility consumption, which helps lower the community’s peak demand,” said Josh Dorhout, who administers the Bright Energy Solutions program at Sioux Center Municipal Utilities. “Their choices will save energy and money for them, but also help keep energy costs lower for us all.”

Some of the energy/cost-saving equipment installed in the new high school include the air handlers, ice storage for cooling, boilers, VFDs on pumps, and LED lighting. They also chose more energy efficient glass, and energy-saving controls for lighting, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning.

“With this new building and our existing schools, we are always working to have less global impact and keep our energy consumption down,” said Sioux Center Schools Director of Buildings and Grounds Travis Rozeboom. “We add more LED lighting every year, and we work to dial in our utility settings to conserve energy.”