Local Law Enforcement Partners With Seasons Center Mobile Response Program

September 30, 2021 10:26am

Sx Co Sheriff

Local law enforcement agencies have a new resource for calls where a mental health issue may be involved.  The Sioux County Sheriff’s Office is now partnered with Seasons Center for Behavioral Health Mobile Response Program. 


The response team is available 24/7 and has already been assisting county deputies and area law enforcement on calls to better assess people in Sioux County who are struggling with mental health challenges.


Sioux County Sheriff’s Deputy, Captain Jamie Van Voorst, says the outcomes of many situations already have turned out better due to the partnership.  In a video released by the Sioux County Sheriff’s Office and Season’s Center, Van Voorst states having the response team assist in calls allows for more peaceful and positive outcomes in situations that typically end negatively.  He says among other things, these positive outcomes reduce time officers spend at a scene, getting them back on patrol sooner, and keeping the public safe.  


Seasons Center

You can watch the full Seasons Center video here to learn more: Seasons Center Mobile Response Program