New Sioux Center Development Will Connect 16th and 20th Streets SE

September 15, 2021 3:27pm

Windsong Addition

A planned new residential development area in Sioux Center could provide some important links for street travel and storm water.


Last month, Sioux Center Land Development (SCLD) purchased 18 acres of undeveloped property in southeast Sioux Center to create the Windsong First Addition. This area, between 16th and 20th Street SE, will also connect 7th Avenue SE to 20th Street SE.


This 7th Avenue connection will create an important entry into residential Sioux Center, and due to the anticipated use, the City is recommending building the street to higher standards than an average city street, adding base material and thicker concrete pavement. This street will also provide an important connection for residents during the reconstruction of Highway 75 in 2023-24.


The new development will also help with managing storm water from neighboring areas. The City is asking that the storm water system there should be built to handle the larger storm water load.


Due to these requests, SCLD has asked the City to consider assisting in the development of 7th Avenue and the storm water system there so they can be built to help serve other parts of the community.


This week, the City Council approved entering into a development agreement with SCLD that will pay for the additional thickness of street concrete and the base materials on 7th Avenue and for the storm sewer connection that will serve neighboring area. As part of the agreement, SCLD will pay development costs beyond that back to the city over time as lots are sold, with interest on the balance.