Hawarden, Rock Valley, Akron - Special Election Results

September 15, 2021 10:41am

Ballot Box N Hand

Voters in the Akron-Westfield Community School District have approved a nearly $9-million bond issue to pay for improvements to the school in Akron.


Of the 935 people, who cast ballots in Tuesday's special election, 606 of them (64.81%) approved the bond issue.


Hawarden voters did not approve the Hawarden Utility sale.  Of the 519 votes cast, 204 voted in favor, while 315 were opposed.  That’s a 39.3% voter approval to 60.7% opposition vote.  50% voter approval was needed.


Rock Valley residents overwhelmingly passed a bond issue to pay for replacing an aging swimming pool in that community.  60% of the votes were needed to pass the bond, and of the 549 voters that cast ballots, 499 voted to approve while 50 were opposed to the bond.  That’s a 90.9% approval vote to 9.1% opposed.   


These results are unofficial at this time.