Resurfacing Sioux Center Streets to Begin Next Week

September 01, 2021 11:37am

2021 Street Resurfacing

A number of streets in Sioux Center are set to be resurfaced in the first half of this month, including about 15 blocks worth of resurfacing.

The anticipated start date for this work is Wednesday, Sept. 8. The work is planned to take about two weeks, weather permitting.

The streets set to be resurfaced include:

• 6th St. NE – 2 blocks (from Highway 75 to 2nd Ave. NE)
• 3rd St. NW – 2 blocks (from 2nd Ave. NW to Highway 75)
• West 1st St. – 2 blocks (from 2nd Ave. SW to Highway 75)
• East 1st St. – 2 blocks (from 1st Ave E to 3rd Ave. E)
• 2nd Ave. SE/NE – 3 blocks (from 2nd St. SE to 3rd St. NE)
• 3rd Ave. SE – 1 block (from 2nd Street SE to East 1st St.)
• 3rd St. SE – 1 block (from 4th Ave. SE to 5th Ave. SE)
• 6th St. SE – 1 block (from Highway 75 to 1st Ave. SE)
• 2nd Ave. SE – ½ block (starting at 13th St. SE and going north)
• 12th St. SE – ½ block (starting mid-block on 12th St. SE and continuing on 3rd Ave. SE)

“Thank you for your caution and patience as you navigate around these areas during these street improvements,” said Sioux Center Assistant Utilities Manager Adam Fedders.