Officials From Sioux and O'Brien Counties Team Up for Projet Life Saver

August 05, 2021 10:21am

V S Ss Project Life Saver

Officials from O'Brien and Sioux Counties teamed up Wednesday for training on Project Life Saver.

Project Life Saver is a tracking technology that helps find people that have a tendency to wander away by outfitting them with a transmitter bracelet.

Wednesday morning, two deputies with the Sioux County Sheriff's Office were trained to use the technology as part of the Electronic Search Specialist training in a hypothetical scenario in Sheldon.

Most of the people on Project Life Saver have disabilities such as autism, down syndrome, and dementia.

The technology consists of a tracking bracelet and the trained officials are outfitted with a receiver to be able to track the missing person.

"This is a picture of what the transmitter looks like, and we have multiple receivers, so right now we have two in O'Brien County and Sioux County has a receiver as well," said Jared Johnson with O’Brien County Emergency Management.

Currently, they have 20 total kits for the partnership between the two counties, and there are two emergency managers, four law enforcement officers, and several emergency management volunteers trained on the equipment.

Sioux County Deputy Sheriff Waylon Pollema said Project Life Saver is all about public safety and is another tool in their arsenal.

"I think it just gives us another tool in our toolbox to help our communities, it's a good thing, we have all of this technology out there. Some people have cell phones, this just gives us one more tool for people that would want something like this," said Pollema.

Anyone from Sioux or O'Brien Counties that would like more information on the program is encouraged to contact the O'Brien County Emergency Management Office.

Courtesy of Media Partner KTIV