City of Sioux Center Approves Property Purchases For Park and Trail Growth

July 02, 2021 10:46am

Nature Trail

The City Council approved purchasing three parcels of property in Sioux Center this week, looking toward future park and trail additions and community growth.


Two of the purchases are currently residential properties and one is an empty lot. The first residential property is 539 1st Ave. NE, north of Central Park, adjacent to another City-owned residential property.


City Manager Scott Wynja noted that Central Park continues to be a significant place for people to gather in Sioux Center, and the City is anticipating master planning for this park to consider long-term updates and future needs there.


“We would like to consider this property during master planning for Central Park, including considering an enclosed shelter house, possible off-street parking or other park amenities as part of the master planning process,” Wynja said. “We certainly see a benefit to acquiring that property.”


The second residential property is at 177 9th St. SW, just south of Tower Fields at the intersection of 9th Street and 2nd Ave SW. The third property is the lot just south of the 177 9th St. SW property. Sioux Center Development Director Dennis Dokter said these two properties could provide for future access for recreation trails and potential development in the area south of these properties.


“We’re looking at accessibility in the future as we consider a future recreation trail connection and plan for future development to the south,” Dokter said.