EPA Says Chemicals From Sibley Train Derailment Did Not Harm Environment

May 20, 2021 10:16am

5 20 21 Sibley Train Cleanup

The Environmental Protection Agency said the chemicals on the derailed train in Sibley did not harm the local environment.  Authorities say the chemicals were captured and secured before any major damage could be done.


Union Pacific Railroad officials said the train was carrying hydrochloric acid, potassium hydroxide and asphalt; some of the hydrochloric acid did spill.


EPA on-scene coordinator Andrew Gieseke says they'll be remediating the soil by neutralizing the acids. Then, they'll remove them for disposal. Any remaining soils that are impacted will be sampled and cleaned up.


Railroad officials said Union Pacific's hazmat team deployed a boom into Otter Creek to contain the spill.


Some land was burned by the diesel fire caused by the derailment.  Gieseke says when the fire was burning, the responsible parties had contractors out conducting air monitoring for particulates.  The town was evacuated, so there was no threat to human health.


Courtesy of Media Partner KTIV