Highway 75 Concepts Online

May 12, 2021 10:59am

Highway 75 Prelim Design Concept

More than one-hundred people attended an open house April 20, to review preliminary design concepts for Highway 75 and share feedback, many were property owners along the highway who were able to get a closer look with details for their property. 


Sioux Center City Council members participated in the April open house and reviewed the feedback at this week’s council meeting. Public comments ranged from requesting traffic signals at 20th Street South, which the City is requesting as part of the project, to questions about the planned center medians, which run throughout most of the project.


Sioux Center Communication Director, Maggie Landegent, says they discussed how medians are part of the safety element.  Landegent says medians are traffic calming, they reduce conflict points at misaligned intersections and where driveways are coming into the highway, and they provide some important pedestrian safe havens.


The council, city staff, and the engineering team will continue to review and respond to feedback on the preliminary design concepts as they work toward a final design this winter, aiming to submit the final plan in mid-2022. The DOT anticipates beginning the right of way acquisition process this year. Construction is anticipated in 2023-24, with completion in 2025.


Those who did not attend the April 20 meeting, may review the concepts and share feedback online through Monday, May 24 at siouxcenter.org/highway75.