Suspect Charged in Hit-And-Run

February 26, 2021 2:39pm

Police Lights 2

Charges were filed Thursday in a hit-and-run accident that occurred back in January, at the Cenex Coop Gas & Oil company parking lot in Boyden.    


Investigators found that on Saturday, January 30, at around 6:05pm, someone driving a Chevrolet Silverado on the parking lot struck a light pole and left the area without reporting the incident to law enforcement.


On Thursday, February 25, investigating officers received information about the identity of the person who was driving the suspect vehicle at the time of the incident.  The Sioux County Sheriff’s Office determined that 21-year-old Logan Gillespie of Granville, was the driver.  He was cited for leaving the scene of a property damage accident without reporting to law enforcement.


The Chevrolet sustained approximately $3,500 in damage. The light pole sustained an estimated $4,800 in damage.