2021 Sioux Center Parks Improvements & Planning

February 11, 2021 3:56pm

Westside Park Sign

The Sioux Center Parks Department is preparing for park updates in 2021, with significant improvements planned for a park in the west side of the community. Westside Park, at the corner of 7th St. and 6th Ave. NW, has new playground equipment and a new playground surface planned for later in 2021, as well as sidewalks, benches, and trees.


“These improvements will help provide more age-appropriate playground equipment and make the park more accessible with more seating as well,” said Parks Director Lee Van Meeteren. “Westside Park has become more of a priority – there’s a lot more usage of that park by the community. We’ve done work on the waterway there and added a basketball court recently, which has been a big hit.”


He said park planners are looking into play equipment with open-ended fun options that allow kids to use imagination in how to play, adding to the variety offered at parks in Sioux Center.


Van Meeteren also anticipates working on master planning for Central Park improvements in 2021.


“We did overall parks master planning in 2017, and we feel we’ve got a great start at Children’s Park. Now we want to start to look at what we want to accomplish at Central Park,” he said.


In 2021, the parks budget also includes funding for a few new signs and trails, sidewalks and trees.  “We set aside money each year to add new trees within the parks system,” Van Meeteren said. “I always try to make sure there’s a focus on planting new trees in the community so we don’t have all the same age trees, or same styles and species.”


Anticipated trail work includes the planned replacement of more of the trail to Sandy Hollow, the 1,700 feet of trail that run along the gravel road uphill near Sandy Hollow. Planners are also working to secure easements for future trail sections to connect neighborhoods, parks, schools and businesses.


“With all that we do, our focus is to enhance outdoor living in the community through trails, parks, trees and shelters,” Van Meeteren said.


Sioux Center offers 7+ miles of recreation trail, three larger community parks, and seven neighborhood parks as part of local outdoor recreation options.