Mental Health Access Center Planned For O'Brien County

January 22, 2021 2:43pm

Mental Health 1

A new mental health access center may soon be built in O'Brien County, Iowa.


Shane Walter, the CEO of Sioux Rivers Mental Health & Disabilities Services, spoke to the county's Board of Supervisors about the idea last Tuesday.


He said the center would provide a variety of services to multiple counties in the area. Those would include 23-hour observation, crisis assessment, help for those with substance abuse issues, mobile crisis, and peer support at some levels.


Walter said the facility would also use a "no eject, no reject" system, meaning they would accept anyone.  He believes because of this system, there would be a sizable number of individuals who would access the services.


The facility would be located in Sheldon, Iowa.


Courtesy of media partner KTIV