Lewis & Clark To Receive $17.5 Million For Fiscal 2021

January 20, 2021 3:45pm

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The Lewis & Clark Regional Water System has been notified by the Bureau of Reclamation that it will be receiving a total of $17.5 million in federal funding for FY21 for ongoing construction of the project. “This is really good news and we are very pleased. A big thank you to the tristate congressional delegation for their hard work to secure additional funding for Reclamation’s Rural Water Program. Their continued strong bipartisan support and leadership is greatly appreciated. Our thanks and appreciation as well to the Bureau of Reclamation. They continue to be outstanding partners,” said Executive Director Troy Larson.


The administration only proposed $100,000 for Lewis & Clark in its FY21 Budget. The tristate delegation worked with their colleagues to help secure an additional $114.7 million for the Rural Water Program. Reclamation then allocated $17.4 million of the additional funding to Lewis & Clark. On top of the $100,000 proposed by the administration it brings Lewis & Clark’s total to $17.5 million.


In FY20 Lewis & Clark received $18 million. “Overall funding for the Rural Water Program in FY21 is down $1.5 million compared to FY20, so a small haircut was expected,” said Larson.


Pipeline Construction Near Sioux Center

Pipeline Construction Near Sioux Center

The funding will be used to complete construction already underway on a 16 million gallons per day collector well near Vermillion and a 2.5 million gallon water tower at Beresford. In addition, a contract will be awarded later this year that includes three items – construction of the Sioux Center meter building, expansion of the Hull meter building and adding pumps to the Beresford pump station. “When construction of all the above mentioned projects is complete, which is expected no later than the spring of 2023, we will begin delivering long-awaited water to Sioux Center and Hull,” said Larson.


Including the construction that will be completed with the FY21 federal funding, this will put Lewis & Clark at being approximately 86 percent complete.