Grant Supports Job Creation Through School Career Center

December 17, 2020 10:26am


The City of Sioux Center is collaborating with the Sioux Center Community Schools to promote local job growth. The City Council approved an economic development grant Wednesday that will help with the development of a career and technical center at the new Sioux Center Community High School.

The council resolution for the grant noted that the school helps equip and train students and enable them to be valuable employees in Sioux Center, promoting economic development.

The resolution states that “the city desires to provide the school with funds to support and incentivize the school to continue to provide jobs training and teach job-related skill which promote economic development and job creation and retention.”

This grant came about after a significant change in agricultural valuations in Sioux County impacted school’s ability to bond for the full amount that was approved by voters for the high school construction project.

“In order for the school to complete this project on schedule, the City is able to offer this grant in the true spirit of Progress through Cooperation,” said Mayor David Krahling.

The school district anticipates paying the grant back over a period of six or fewer years via the existing 28E agreement that includes the City and Sioux Center Community Schools.

“This is part of that long-standing working together and getting it done – finding a solution that benefits citizens,” said Councilman Dale Vander Berg.

Sc Plain